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1. All notices which may be of interest to Club Members must be submitted to the Club Manager for approval by the House Chairman before being posted on the bulletin board.

2. Members shall not authorize their guests to sign chits.

3. A member shall assume full responsibility for any damage to Club property caused by himself, his dependents and guests. A Member shall likewise be responsible for the indebtedness of his dependents, guests and visitors to the Club.

4. Members, their dependents and guest are expected to conduct themselves, in a manner befitting and becoming of ladies and gentlemen within the Club premises.

5. Members, dependents, spouses, and guests are not authorized to reprimand or strike any employee; complaints should be addressed in writing to the House Chairman; failing action, to the President of the Club.

6. Gratuity or Tipping is strictly prohibited.

7. No games prohibited by law will be allowed. Gambling, illegal or prohibited games of chance are not permitted anywhere inside the club premises.

8. Animals/ pets are not allowed inside the Club premises.

9. Playing of radios, record players, etc. is not permitted in any part of the Clubhouse building or Club premises, except, with the permission of the Club Manger who shall determine said playing is for the general welfare of the members. Communication equipment such as cell phones or two way radios may be used provided no member shall make any complain. (except where specifically prohibited)

10. Members are disallowed to send club employees outside club premises for personal errands. (no exceptions allowed)

11. Members are likewise disallowed to have club personnel take care or watch their (the member's) children at anytime.

12. Firearms, explosives, knives and forbidden drugs are absolutely prohibited within the club premises.

13. Appropriate dress code is required of members and their guests. Please see dress code posted on the different club outlets. Except in the swimming pool area, slippers, sandals, swimming attire, and undershirts are prohibited.

14. Ladies dresses should conform with what is socially acceptable in the community.

15. The club is not liable for articles lost inside the Club premises. However, all effort shall be exerted by club management to assist in retrieval of such lost item/s. Please advise the Club management in case of loss.

16. All complaints, commendations, requests, and suggestions must be made in writing, duly signed by the member and forwarded to the House Chairman. A book-journal (libro de comendaciones y reclamaciones) for this purpose is available upon request.

17. The Club Premises are for members and their accompanied guest. Nannys (yayas), maids, drivers, personal attendants or body guards are not allowed to loiter in members' area.

18. Members and guest should follow proper sitting etiquette and should not sit on the tables or put their feet on top of the tables, desks or chairs.

19. Smoking is prohibited in all airconditioned rooms.

1. The parking area is open from 6:00 a.m. Until 12:00 midnight.

2. All vehicles must be properly parked and within the two lines (space allocated).

3. Guests may park in the parking area, only when parking spaces are available.

4. Overnight parking is not allowed. A charge of P500.00 per day shall be charged for a car parked overnight and P500.00 for each succeeding day or a fraction thereof.

5. Turn off engines immediately upon parking. Absolutely, no running of engines continuously at the parking area for the purpose of cooling car interiors with air conditioners. (Carbon Monoxide emitted from car exhaust is a silent killer)

6. Drivers are not allowed to sleep in parked cars.

7. Washing of cars, specially at the parking area is prohibited.

8. The club is not liable for item/s lost or damage to vehicles of members or their guests. However, in case of loss, managetment will exert all effort to assist in the retrieval of such lost item/s.

9. Basement parking space is strictly for members with valid car stickers.

1. The spouse of a bonafide member of the Club is automatically entitled to club privileges and shall be issued the corresponding I.D. Card.

2. Dependents of members shall also be entitled to club privilages whenever expressly authorized by their parents. I.D. Cards shall be issued to them.

3. Chits may be signed by dependents of members upon presentation of an authorized card.

4. Children below ten (10) years of age must always be accompanied by an adult entitled to club privileges.

5. Children below 18 years of age shall not be served nor drink alcoholic beverages within the club premises.

6. Children of members may not invite guests and/ or visitors without parental permission. Spouses of members, may however, do so subject to the club rules and regulations are prescribed by the Board of Directors.

1. A member may, upon application obtain a Guest Card for his/ her guest. Only Non- Residents of Cebu may be issued a Guest Card.

2. A Guest Card shall entitle the holder to Clubhouse privileges for a maximum of three (3) months and only once every twelve (12) months to the same person.

3. No rejected membership applicant or expelled member may be given a guest card. Likewise, a member is disallowed to bring in guest/s who is/are rejected membership applicant and/or who is an expelled former member of the club.

4. All chits and bills incurred by the guest cardholder shall be charged to the account of the host member.

5. Members are entitled to three (3) Guest Cards a year only.

6. The inviting member shall be responsible for his guest's conduct within the premises of the club and for all his liabilities incurred in the Club.

7. Guests must always be accompanied by their host when going around the club premises. They may, however, arrive in the clubhouse ahead of their host but will be requested to wait in the Lobby for their host member.

8. Members are requested to inform their guest about the strict rules against tipping (See General Rule # 6)

9. Members may invite a maximum of 6 guests per visit. However, Resident guest are limited to 3 visits per month.

1. Reservations and arrangements for private parties and functions must be with Banquet Sales Coordinator by the members or by his wife. Cancellation of a reservation must be made 72 hours before the said date, otherwise, all related expenses incurred by the Club shall be charged to the member.

2. Members may bring their own bottled liquor for consumption on the premises at private parties or special occasions when authorized by the club Manager or the House Chairman. A corkage fee will be charged.

3. The Club, through the House Chairman retains the right to accept or reject any reservation or arrangement for private parties if in his opinion, said private party will be prejudicial to the interest of the majority of the members.

4. Sponsors of functions that need the services of photographers shall request the Club Manager for gate passes.

5. Sponsors shall be responsible and liable for damages to any Club property caused by their affair on account of careless or indiscrete usage of facilities.

1. Only well behaved children 10 years old and above are allowed.

2. Smoking is not allowed.

3. Proper attire is required. The following are strictly prohibited:

a) Rubber shoes (of any kind)
b) Men's collarless T-shirts and sleeveless T-shirts
c) Short pants
d) Sandals/ Slippers

4. A maximum of 14 persons per group is allowed. Larger groups may reserve a function room.

5. As a courtesy to other members and guests, cellphones should be on discreet or silent mode and any necessary calls should be made/ answered outside.

6. Limited reservations are accepted on Friday and Saturday evenings.

1. Minors below 18 years old are not allowed to enter the Bar.

2. Smoking is not allowed.

3. As a courtesy to other members and guest, cellphones should be on discreet or silent mode and any necessary calls should be answered/ made outside.

4. No short pants or athletic attire is allowed.

5. No table reservations are accepted for the Bar.

6. The TV set provided is primarily for news broadcasts, documentaries and sporting events only.The sound volume must be set so as not to bother other members and guests.Rules & regulations for the different outlets & sports facilities are conspicously displayed in the respective area.

(Revised | May, 2006)

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