Casino Espanol de Cebu


The Spanish Tradition lives on through Casino Español de Cebu.
It is Cebu's club of choice - a well patronized, financially sustainable world-class landmark:

- where families, friends and guests relax, meet and consider it their second home;
- where members, guests and Cebu's elite gather to talk and transact business.

We are a socially-relevant Club. As we grow as an organization, we help create job opportunities for those who are qualified.


  1. Implement calendar of Spanish cultural activities (especially those related to food and cuisine)
  2. Play host to foreign Spanish personalities.
  3. Review pricing strategy until economy improves.
  4. Encourage shareholders to be members.
  5. Continue revival of old menus.
  6. Leverage on the existing strengths of the club in order to increase patronage.


  1. To offer excellent food with efficient services at the most competitive prices that delight our members and their guests.
  2. To ensure that our impressive physical structures, excellent recreational and leisure facilities and amenities are well-maintained;
  3. To promote an atmosphere of collegiality and camaraderie among its members through various relevant activities.


  1. Re-align existing training programs to address: consistency in food preparation, compliance to F & B SOP , inventory monitoring of stocks, revival of traditional service, review of costing of menu items, 20-4-7, attractive marketing packages for members to avail of, no recurring complaints on food and service, all personnel are familiar with the operation of all equipment/facilities assigned to him.
  2. Implement 5S and ensure findings of 5S audits are addressed.
  3. Continue implementing the existing programs for preventive maintenance.
  4. Consistently implement weekly inspections.
  5. Conduct survey/focus group discussions among members and team leaders and address priority findings.
  6. Consistently implement weekly inspections/checking and conduct of random roving.
  7. Acquire metal detectors/reflector mirrors; regular inspection of entering cars.
  8. Conduct seminar or proper handling of bomb threats (for team leaders and team members)
  9. Implement existing programs for members and guest and open these programs to the public, if there are vacant slots.
  10. Sponsor musical events for members and guests.
  11. Promote and sponsor multi-cultural special events and special occasions.


  1. Having a very competent Board and Management Team who are closely in touch with its Members and Staff;
  2. Maintaining a high level of teamwork and unity in the Club manifested by a harmonious relationship between Management and Staff.
  3. Having a professional, motivated, hospitable, respectful and courteous staff.
  4. Continuously anticipating the Club Member's needs and quickly satisfying them; and,
  5. Ensuring that the Club has well-equipped and well-maintained kitchen, outlets, offices and support facilities.


  1. Starting with the set-up of a Nomination Committee, to re-visit and enforce the qualification requirements for voting membership category and the Directors.
  2. Cascading of Vision-Mission, Policies, Roles and Responsibilities to all team leaders/members.
  3. Conduct Team-building sessions and sportsfest among team leaders and team members.
  4. Conduct info and awareness campaign of the Club and inter- department activities and involve team members in planning and decision-making.
  5. Continue implementation of Labor Management Council and observing the open-door policy between team leaders, team members and management.
  6. Implement performance appraisal and recognition systems.
  7. Develop and implement and over-all program for multi-skill implementation (including competency ID, cross training, career path development, etc.)
  8. Implement job matching.
  9. Fair but firm implementation of Company Code of Conduct (reinforcement the role of our Team Leaders) to reinforce and maintain a culture of self-discipline.
  10. Conduct Service Plus Training for Frontliners.
  11. Include proper use of resources and use of consumables/office supplies in the motivational programs.
  12. Establish usage standards for all consumables, office supplies and maintenance item - and use these standards for budgeting and control.

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